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Bier Superiority
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Release Date April 23, 2012

Bier Superiority

Recent competitions that have been hosted throughout the world illustrate the rising worth of Canadian brews.

Beer superiority remains in the hands of the Europeans. They brew more beer, drink more beer, export more beer and carry a certain Beer Nationalism that does not exist in the Canadian beverage industries.  However, it is important that we, as Canadians, continue to showcase our brews to the entire world. Since 2004, the rise of European visitors to Canada has increased; the city of Toronto alone receives 1.5 million international visitors per year. These visitors stay in our hotels, and enjoy our local food and beverage establishments. Many ask for locally produced beers, and are then disappointed with the limited selection that is available for consumption.

While there has been a surge of micro-breweries popping up throughout Canada, the large beer manufacturers, Sleeman, Molson-Coors, and Labatt (all foreign-owned in whole or in part) still dominate the domestic and international market. These companies’ main-stream products may suit a portion of our visitors, but the discerning palate of a European beer aficionado is not likely to be satisfied with such common fare.  In order to continue to increase international tourism receipts, we must promote the rise of the microbrewery market. Southern Ontario can showcase with pride its local products, including breweries like Amsterdam, Steamwhistle, Mill St, Muskoka, and Hopcity. Visitors to Canada should be able to try these delicious, well-priced beers that demonstrate the unique cultural heritage driving a new Bier Nationalism among Canadians. The long, hot summer of 2011 was the perfect time to explore different brews that are available to the local consumer, and regional favourites that are becoming part of the overall domestic beer market.

Recent competitions that have been hosted throughout the world illustrate the rising worth of Canadian brews, holding their own against timeless classics of European brewing. Many different forms of Weisbier, India Pale Ales, Pilsners, and Lagers from the domestic market have made it to the world scale and have been able to compete successfully. Special mention should be made of Southern Ontario breweries like Mill St. and Amsterdam Breweries, which continue to challenge the European Competition and bring attention to a market that is currently on the rise. 


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